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At Arctic Circle Travel, we are really in love with nature & Arctic wildlife because this is our home and we don’t want to see it change. That’s why we take care of the biodiversity by providing respectful services on all our tours, by approaching animals without disturbing them, behaving respectfully at all times and offering tours in small private groups (between 4 and 10 people). 

We offer a unique opportunity to live a total immersion into the inuit way of life as their hunting local traditions by following and watching them in their everyday life work.

Our Safari Tours

safari tour is the perfect trip for adventurers and nature lovers who love to spend their time outdoors in the wild, experiencing nature and observing animals as polar bears, seals, whales, puffins, muskox… (depending of the destination & season of the tour) in their natural ecosystem and biosphere. Our travels are real expeditions that include many trips and excursions that use local transports such as snowmobile and dog-sledding to enjoy “the north way of life” in Norway, Greenland, Iceland or The Faroe Islands.

Safari Tour in

Safari Tour in

Safari Tour in
Faroe Islands

The Safari Tour

Our tour leaders are  adventurers and travellers. So all of them are  perfect guide to teach you the secret of the Arctic and its fauna trough four destinations: Iceland, Norway, Greenland & The Faroe Islands. A Safari Tour is a real opportunity to meet the endemic wildlife of Arctic and the secret of the biodiversity that makes Arctic a real paradise for animals

During this safari expedition you will discover every day on your excursion beautiful places & have the chance to meet endemic arctic wildlife and bring back with you unforgettable souvenirs.

Arctic Safari Tours are suitable for everyone but we highly recommend being in reasonable good physical shape in order to fully enjoy the tours, as we spend a lot of time outdoors in the chilly climates of Iceland, Norway, Greenland and The Faroe Islands.

“Your next wild adventure in the arctic circle start here”

Arctic Circle Travel

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