8 days Safari tour in Liverpool land in Greenland

Winter Safari Tour

In Liverpool Land - Greenland

Tour Duration : 8 days/7 nights

Enjoy amazing days in remote nature and discovering the various wildlife such as polar bears, whales, seabirds… in their natural habitats. Inuit hunters and your guide Arni will bring you on dogsledges to the best Safari spots.


Ittoqqortoormiit village

Greenlandic dogs

Dogsledge tour

Aerian views

Glaciers and iceberg

Possibly a chance to spot polar bears and other arctic wildlife

Amazing Arctic nature

Helicopter flight over Hurry Fjord

Departure Time

February & March




Check in at Reykjavik domestic airport for your flight to Nerlerit Inaat (Constable Point) which is operated via Akureyri where you change to a smaller King Air or Twin-Otter aircraft that takes only 8 passengers and the payload.

After landing at Nerlerit Inaat airport near the base of Hurry Fjord we continue to Ittoqqortoormiit by helicopter. This short, 15-minute flight offers great views of the fjord surrounded by the mountains and glaciers of Liverpool Land and the Jameson land plateau

DAY 2 TO 7


We stay in the guesthouse in Ittoqqortoormiit for two nights which gives us a chance to get acquainted with the village and gives us a glimpse into the life of an Inuit community.   

During your stay various activities are planned:  

1)   Then we start on the 4-day dogsledge tour: the 3 nights during the tour we stay in tents or in small huts. The coastline and wildlife north of Ittoqqortoormiit is a paradise for those interested in observing nature. In the springtime it is a fantastic experience to visit some of the biggest bird cliffs in the world.

2) Temperatures may be around -15 – -20°C. We travel over the mountain passes of Liverpool Land, across the sea ice north along the east coast to some of the capes and off-shore islands then west through Liverpool Land and south along Hurry Fjord, before returning to the village again. Experienced Greenland expeditioners say that Liverpool Land is one of the most beautiful parts of Greenland. Solid 1500m high mountains without any vegetation, glaciers, fjords, islands, hot springs and icebergs. These shores are a sailor’s nightmare and many vessels have been wrecked in the pack-ice along the coastline.

3)  As we travel along the coast there will be lots of opportunities to study birds and wildlife, both on land and sea. On the ice we will often see the breathing holes of seals and dark spots near them: seals enjoying the sun. Many seals are hunted each year and they are very alert to the slightest movement.

4) After four days of travelling we come back to Ittoqqortoormiit. It is like a fairy tale village with colourful painted wooden houses, a lovely church and the KNI general store, where you can purchase almost everything you need. At the post office you can get a certificate of crossing the Arctic Circle stamped with the local stamp of Ittoqqortoormiit. We stop for another two nights and enjoy the sights, visit the local Museum and relax observing the locals at their daily life.



Time to return to Iceland: by helicopter to Nerlerit Inaat and to Reykjavik, again via Akureyri. Arrival in Reykjavik estimated in the evening.

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