About Norway

General informations

In the collective imagination, Norway is a very chilly destination to travel across glaciers, fjords, snow, huge forests, northern lights, magnificent scenery perfect for drama movies and of course rich of oil and gas.

But did you know that Norway is also a Constitutional Monarchy with a powerful parliament? That the country is not an EU member but make part of the EEA (European Economic Area)? That is very clean and is one of the worldest country with an ecological model in advance?

  •  323,781 km2 of total area
  • 125,301 km2 of forest are
  •  2,469 m is the highest point named Galdhøpiggen
  •  Average temperature: 8° (with a minimal of -15° & a maximal of 35°)


  • Constitutional monarchy
  • Head of state: King Harald V
  • Head of government (since 2013): Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservative)
  • Not a member of EU
  •  Extraction and export of offshore oil and gas
  • Steel
  • Shipping
  • Tourism

  • 5,3 millions of inhabitant
  • Official language : Norwegian
  • Oslo
  • 1,2 millions of inhabitant

Norwegian krone (NOK)

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