Wildlife Safari Tour East of Greenland

Wildlife Safari Tour

In Scoresby Sund East of Greenland

Tour Duration : 8 days/7 nights

Scoresby Sund in Greenland is one of the more unique place in the world to enjoy amazing days in remote nature and discovering the various wildlife such as polar bears, narwhals, seals, greelandic dogs  in their natural habitats. Inuit hunters and Arni your guide will bring you on dogsledges to the best Safari spots to observe the majestic arctic nature.
Life here is very basic.  Its simplicity and harshness is a revelation to most people.  As if to compensate for the exterior conditions, the Greenlanders are friendly and happy people that will greet even brief visitors with a smile.


Arctic Nature

Greenlandic dogs


Possibly a chance to spot polar bears, seals, narwhals

Inuit way of life

Departure Time

February & March




Start the journey on a morning flight from Reykjavik to Akureyri where the passengers for Greenland need to change to a smaller aircraft (Twin Otter or King Air B200) and continue to East Greenland. After landing at Constable Point (Nerlerit Inaat) airport there is another exciting trip waiting, a 15-minute helicopter flight to Ittoqqortoormiit village.

 Your guide Árni Valur will greet you upon arrival and you start the last portion of todays travel: transport by snowmobile to your final destination at Kap Tobin where you will stay for the duration of your visit in a privately owned house

1) Experience a blizzard with only your (warm) clothes for protection or in warm comfort through a window pane

2) Go for a walk or ski out on the ice, wait for seals to pop up or a flock of narwhals to surface

3) Spot some polar bear doing their migration to North of Greenland.

4) Ride to town on a dog sledge to do some shopping.  Come in out of the cold, enjoy a simple, nourishing meal.  Listen to the howling of the sledge dogs.

5) Enjoy the Northern Lights in the winter season

DAY 2 TO 7


Enjoy the endless views, check the weather and admire the ever-changing light.  Watch the hunters go by on their dog sledges on their way to and from the ice-edge.

The tiny village of Uunartoq, at the mouth of Scoresby Sund at 70° north, is an ideal location to get away from it all – literarily.  With only one other village in the area, Ittoqqortoormiit with fewer than 500 inhabitants, the mountainous expanse of North East Greenland, can be mind-boggling.





After breakfast it is time time to get ready for departure. Check in for the flight back to Iceland.

As there is no hotel in Uunartoq, we offer you to stay in our home away from home with meals and packed lunches.  If you prefer, we can also arrange your private hunter’s cabin nearby with self-catering, except for supper in the main house.

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