About Greenland

General informations

Greenland is an apart country with a chilly weather full of glaciers, fjordS, incredible northern lights, magnificent scenery, inuit culture and way of life still anchored nowadays.

But did you know that Greenland make part of Danemark and have its own self-governement? That the country is not an EU member but have special connexion law for fishing? That 80% of its surface is formed by glaciers and ice cap?

  • 2,166,086 km2 of total area
  • Inland ice and glaciers: 1,755,637 km2
  • Ice-free area: 410,449 km2
  • 3,693 m is the highest point named Gunnbjørn’s Fjeld
  •  Average temperature: 1.7° C (with a minimum of  -20.7 °C & a maximum of 19.3 °C)
  • Self-government, within the kingdom of Denmark
  • Head of state: Queen Margrethe II
  • Head of government (since 2013): Kim Kielsen (S)
  • Not a member of EU
  • Fishing
  • Whaling
  • Sealing
  • Tourism
  • 55,992 of inhabitant
  • Official language : Greenlandic
  • Nuuk
  • 18K of inhabitant

Danish krone (DKK)

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