Wildlife Photo Tour in Scoresby Sund – East Greenland

Wild Photo Tour

In Scoresby Sund East of Greenland

Tour Duration : 8 days/7 nights

Enjoy amazing days in remote nature and discovering the various wildlife such as muskox, polar bears, whales,, puffins  in their natural habitats to have your best shots. Inuit hunters will bring you on dogsledges and snowmobiles to the best photogenic spots.


Photo Workshops

Kap Tobin

Ittoqqortoormiit village

Greenlandic dogs

Dogsledge tour

Dogsledge tour

Snowmobile tour

Possibly a chance to spot polar bears and other wild life

Amazing Arctic nature

Departure Time

March & April




Start the journey on a morning flight from Reykjavik to Akureyri where the passengers for Greenland need to change to a smaller aircraft (Twin Otter or King Air B200) and continue to East Greenland. After landing at Constable Point (Nerlerit Inaat) airport there is another exciting trip waiting, a 15-minute helicopter flight to Ittoqqortoormiit village.

 Your guide and photographer will greet you upon arrival and you start the last portion of todays travel: transport by snowmobile to your final destination at Kap Tobin where you will stay for the duration of your visit in a privately owned house

DAY 2 TO 7


Enjoy the stay in the small village of Kap Tobin with no permanent inhabitants except during spring months when the hunters use their houses as a base for the daily hunting trips to the ice edge. The location offers superb views of the distant mountains of Scoresby Sund fjord from where you can enjoy photo shooting all day with different lights

During your stay various activities are planned:  

1) Everyday you will have the chance to go on day trips with Rax who will guide you during artisitic and technical photo workshops in the unique greenlandic nature.

2) Day trip with local Inuit hunter on dog sledge (approx 6 hrs).  Depending on ice conditions the hunter will bring you close to the ice edge where you may be lucky to spot some local wild life and have a workshop close by the animals. The hunter might try and hunt a seal (if this is acceptable to you).   

3) Snowmobile activities: During your stay we will use snowmobiles as means of transportation to explore the amazing Arctic nature and try to spot a polar bear. We will plan each day/destination in cooperation with local hunters in order to maximize the possibility of spotting bears and have the chance to photograph them. We will visit Kap Hope (a deserted village) and the Apuseq glacier for a fantastic view along the East coast of Liverpool Land and a perfect vantage point for spotting local wild life in the area.

4) You will get the chance to taste local food, such as muskox, polar bear, walrus etc (type of meat depending on availability each time).   
From the house in Kap Tobin we are uniquely situated to observe the hunters as they go about their daily routines – checking seal holes, or preparing to start a hunting trip. Being so close to the ice edge offers a great opportunity to spot polar bears on their migration route further north along the coast. The hunters are always on the look out!  

5) A village tour around Ittoqqortoormiit village, visit the museum and other places of interest and have a chance to observe the Inuit village at its daily routine.



After breakfast it is time time to get ready for departure. Your final leg of the journey is a 50-km snowmobile ride to Nerlerit Inaat. This adventure takes you across the frozen sea ice, over a mountain pass and eventually back down to Hurry Fjord where the airport is situated. Transport time with snowmobile is 1½ – 2 hours. Check in for the flight back to Iceland.

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